Academic Case Study — Sept 2020 - Ongoing

A collaborative planning app for adventurous get-togethers amongst friends. Whether it be the birthday of all birthdays, or your dream grad trip to Japan, Paprika can help you make that a reality




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My Personal Experience

As often the sole planner in the friend group, the time and effort it takes to get everybody together to do something more than eating is no small task—especially for a group of 10. Because of the hassle, these more “involved” get-togethers tend to be very rare and are often replaced by repetitive low-effort activities (not that those aren’t fun in their own right).

When I realized this was a pain point shared by many others as well, I was determined to not only figure out how I could save the scapegoats of friend groups all around the world, but also how I could make the planning process easier in general.

The Initial Challenge

How can I help make hang-outs amongst friends more frequent and adventurous?


I posed 5 queries to myself to figure out how exactly I could tackle this problem.

What are the most common stressors in planning get-togethers amongst friend groups?

What causes these stressors to surface?

What benefit can I provide that other resources can't?

Does my target audience even WANT more adventurous get-togethers?

How can I motivate all friends within their respective groups to engage and collaborate?

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User Personas

After evaluating the research, two prime personalities were identified. My objective was to encourage collaboration between the two, despite their differing motivations and behaviours.

Evaluating possible approaches, I realized that the initial challenge was too wide of a problem to tackle—That frequency and “adventurousness” of get-togethers required different solutions. Assessing competing products as well, I decided to tackle just the “adventurous” aspect instead.

After deliberating user behaviours and needs, Option 1: Team Roles was what I decided to pursue as the answer to my revised challenge statement.


Revised Challenge

How can i make get-togethers amongst friend groups more adventurous? 


Take advantage of each individuals strengths and inclinations within the friend group to optimize the planning process as well as encourage equal contribution from all group members 

Further Ideation

Sorry! this project is still in progress. Please check back in later for more updates.

UX Development
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