jia mi

Academic Project — Feb 2020 - April 2020

A Chinese recipes website encouraging cultural appreciation and connection through authentic Chinese food







Case Study

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To help second-generation Chinese immigrants residing in Western countries reconnect with their heritage.

9 East-Asian second-generation immigrants residing in BC, Canada were interviewed on their relationship with their heritage. Despite differing cultures, I discovered aligning values and pain points that helped shape the following user persona.


Some are unable to feel true belonging in their birthplace or their heritage 


There is desire to connect with one’s heritage as it is viewed as part of one’s identity

It is difficult to nurture a connection and understanding of one’s birth heritage while maintaining efforts to adapt to Western society

A constant amongst the interviewees was a sense of connection felt through food—Especially when shared with loved ones. This is something that could be seamlessly included in one’s daily life


A safe space for anyone to learn about Chinese culture through authentic Chinese food 

UX Development

jia mi (pronounced gee-ah me) means “add more rice” in Chinese. This alludes to the Chinese custom of always having excess food on the table so that guests are well-fed 

Logo Development

Minimum Viable Product

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3 Ways to Explore 

Users have the opportunity to learn about regional specialties and how they came to be, as well as how dishes can be paired together

Create Set Menus

Chinese food is meant to be shared. Whether it be special dishes unique to a festivity, or a simple meal with your loved ones, jia mi makes it easy to pair dishes together for any occasion


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