Junior Designer — Jan 2022- April 2022

Website design for an indigenous youth mentorship program, to encourage donations in support of the indigenous youth living within the traditional, unceded territory of the Stó:lō Nation.

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Creative Director

Taya Hawes-Puiu

Art Directors

Alexandrah Pahl, Heather Jalbout


Breanna Miller


Development, UI/UX






Social Media

I had the wonderful opportunity of being the key designer for this project and created the website and social media in collaboration with my team’s creative director, art directors, project manager, developer and the Mémiyelhtel team to ensure that we were properly conveying the heart of the program.

Considering social media as a vital touch point to lead potential sponsors to the site, we brought out the brighter brand colours to appear approachable and energetic.

Although I’m unable to show my process work online, I would love to discuss it more in person!


Adapting to a non-linear process

Because I didn’t receive all the content needed for the website from the get-go, I designed in consideration of how long or short certain content could be, and ensured that it would be versatile enough to work. However, that wouldn’t always work. I realized that I was spending a lot of time re-designing for revised content, and shifted gears to flag all the areas that would possibly be re-edited and learned to design loosely in the preliminary stages for those sections.

Time is money

My directors guided me on making the best use of time and resources, and just how important it was to proactively communicate with the team on any flags or updates, in order to ensure project efficiency and alignment on the same goals. As it was a pro-bono project, I took initiative to keep the project moving along by regularly reaching out to my creative director, project manager, as well as the client and learned from insights and perspectives unique from my own. To ensure a smooth and efficient hand-off to the developer, I designed in consideration of what was achievable within the restraints, and delivered optimized and clearly labelled files.  


Academic Case Study — App

Reducing the health risks of recreational drug use


Academic Case Study — App

Guiding retirees to a fulfilling retirement

jia mi

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Nurturing cultural connection through food


Academic Project — Beverage Packaging

Grapefruit tequila beverages swaddled with love