Vancouver UX Awards—2020 Student Finalist
GDC UX Scholarship—2020


TimeWise aims to guide retirees toward a fulfilling retirement. The app enables users to foster new communities through a variety of meetups and events.

Research Team

Alison Johnstone, Atrin Yazdani-Biuki, Emma Sun, Naomi Evers, Sara Nguyen


Research, Solution, UI Design, UX Design, Illustration, Prototyping, Case Study

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The Challenge

How can I help retirees transition into a community they can thrive in after retirement?


To understand our target audience, my research team and I set out to interview 13 local seniors of a variety of life circumstances. We also consulted a neuropsychologist as well as a psychotherapist. Both are well-versed in the psychological effects of aging.

*To protect their privacy, their real names and faces have not been used.


With a Ph.D. in neuropsychology, Anika’s focus was on the ageing brain and its effect on creativity.

"As you get older, the filters in your brain get noisier, so you’re not able to keep out distracting info."


Semi-retired at 70 years old, Brenda is a model retiree living her everyday life jampacked with events and activities.

"It’s one thing to be on social media and be active with somebody you don’t even know, but getting out there, out of your home, is also very key and important."


Fully retired, Helena loves traveling the world with her husband. However, she laments not feeling a sense of true belonging in the communities she's established.

"...We found that nobody was compatible because they were were all younger than us. So their topic of conversation was not our topic. "

Key Problems

Retirees often struggle to adapt to their new lifestyle due to

• Loss of a sense of belonging and purpose
• Dramatic change in habits
• Decline in cognitive function


Provide structure by offering a range of possible activities and get- togethers
Reinstill a sense of belonging & purpose by creating a safe space with many opportunities for socialization
Exercise cognitive functions by providing access to workshops for learning

The Solution

Cultivate a fulfilling retirement by creating a platform that nurtures like-minded communities and encourages lifelong learning through meetups, workshops, and volunteering events. Activities are curated to the users’ preferences and interests, allowing them to stimulate both mind and body.

UX Development

User Journey

Bernard is a 70 year old man who lives alone at home. Suffering from the recent death of his wife, he still has not been able to adapt to an independent lifestyle.

User Flow

Other UX Considerations

Based on how seniors interact with technology

• Design a more guided interface, with fewer options

• To account for seniors’ wariness of privacy, allow for all input to be optional.   However,  gently remind users of the benefits of input

• Employ the use of traditional buttons and interfaces

• Provide accessibility settings where users may
  adjust the size and colour of type

• Communicate in a friendly and personable manner

UI Development

Default Colour Palette

Colour contrast passes Web Content Accessibility Guidelines


Onboarding Process

Sign-up Process

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